•  WHO is best to lead people to a new vision?  (likely not the person you think)

•  WHO is best motivated by direct, straightforward communication?

•  WHO appears to embrace change but silently resists, resulting in missed opportunities?

•  WHOSE silence at the leadership table could help save you from a costly mistake?


Recently I assisted Surrey’s Pregnancy Options Centre in their selection of key personnel.  Utilizing the ‘gold standard’ Birkman assessment instrument and drawing on years of coaching, supervision, and leadership, I provide assistance for organizations to be the best they can be by identifying personnel strengths and motivational needs.  See what the Executive Director had to say:

“I am still completely astounded by how valuable the Birkman has been for me!  I would definitely recommend it!  Highly!”  Kathleen Moody, ED Surrey Pregnancy Options Centre


As Kathleen states, insights from the Birkman improved her effectiveness as a leader.  It enabled her to see herself better and how to use that knowledge to full advantage.  It also gave her increased clarity regarding staff selection, staff management, and staff assignment.  This included a better understanding how people’s strengths could be utilized as well as awareness how differences become liabilities when motivational needs go unrecognized hence unacknowledged and unmet. These are just a few invaluable contributions an effectively interpreted and debriefed Birkman assessment can provide.

The Mistake of Best Foot Forward – Seeing the ‘Other’ Foot

Leadership appointments and staff selection are often based on best foot forward interviews and candidate-selected references that leave organizations at the mercy of appearance and impression not knowledge. Interviews and observations can’t provide the necessary context to determine how people will function when critical leadership is needed. Crisis hits and strategic decisions have to be made. Unfortunately, those delegated with leadership fail to lead.  If only you had known – BUT YOU CAN!  Your organization doesn’t need to be staffed on incomplete or biased information.

Getting the Correct People in Place and having People in the Correct Place 

The fiscal, emotional and organizational cost associated with ‘wrong hires’ or wrongly assigned personnel is experienced for years.  When employees do need to be dismissed, few win.  The truth is, much of this can be avoided. But avoiding damage and expense isn’t the issue.  Creating a great organization is.  With appropriate information, teams can be built for success with staff positioned for maximum effectiveness. That requires the right people and the right knowledge.

If you want to increase organizational excellence and build leadership effectiveness, I can help.

 Rob Inrig

email:           604 355-4921           

Leading From Your Strengths – Taking Your Organization to the Next Level

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