1   Live to manufactured design. Scripture indicates that you and I have been, “wonderfully made.”  We have God given abilities to be discovered and embraced.  Too often our mirrors fail to see the wonder God crafted.  Instead of letting your day be blemish focused, choose to see, then reflect the image you were created to have.

Live with intent.  Perceptions determine actions.  Most fail to live with passion because their vision is too small.  Your purpose is limited if it is defined only by business or educational success.  Think of the opportunities to be discovered, the relationships to be gained, and the encouragements to be offered.

Live with priority.  James Allen said, “You will become as small as your controlling desire, as great as your dominant aspiration. Goals help you to determine your priorities and protect against giving equal emphasis and energy to the trivial and critical.”  Is your purpose to leave small impressions or make a life-changing impact?

4   Live with energy.  Is it drudgery for weekdays, passion for weekends?  Obviously weekend joys can’t be incorporated into our workday, but these activities usually have energizing themes.  Does fishing provide quiet reflection times, freedom from hamster wheel demands, or tangible rewards?  Re-assess then re-structure your daytimer to make room for life-giving energizers.

5   Live with an ‘others’ perspective.  Accomplishing goals that focus on my needs, my interests, and my gains usually come up empty.  ‘My fulfillment’ destinations may earn more impressive nameplates but satisfaction is short-lived.  Change your perspective to contribution and you won’t need a nameplate to be remembered.

6   Live with gratitude.  Passion gets buried when we lose sight of our blessings.  When entitlement sets in, or worse, bitterness for actions done or opportunities denied, we lose focus on the goal.  Vulnerabilities become exposed.  Commitment wanes.  Refocus on gratitude and you will find yourself living in a different place.  Thankfulness is where purpose awakens and passion thrives.

7   Live with responsibility.  Passion requires action.  It can’t wait on circumstances or dreams.  Passion cannot exist without commitment because adversity will arrive and setback will occur.  In these moments, passion either disappears or deepens.  Take responsibility for who you are and where you are, then commit to passion driven action.

8   Live by embracing your strengths.  What do you bring to the world?  Stop dwelling on skills and qualities not possessed.  Play on the strings you have but with such commitment and passion that those who hear go away better for the experience.

9   Live running into risk.  Fear kills passion.  Let fear instruct, correct, or re-direct but don’t let it defeat.  Rather than running from fear, turn and go right at it.  You may discover it to be a loud sounding, but small standing, ‘wizard’ who hides behind a curtain trying to appear unconquerably large.  Committed, active passion usually claims victory over fear but even when this isn’t the outcome, get up and risk again.  Rewards await.

10      Live with or without.  Passion welcomes companions but doesn’t wait for them.  Finding your passion is not a community event.  True – when passion finds passion, something dynamic occurs, however, don’t wait for others to catch the vision before stepping out.  It may turn out that you go it alone but the reward of living ‘all in’ is reward enough!  Play the string (or strings) you have been given and watch the world respond.

How have others assisted you to live passionately?             

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