Anyone who has sweated through treadmill time knows that moving from recliner to podium requires more than wishes and dreams.  Achieving life excellence operates the same way – contemplation doesn’t take us to celebration!

This goal is only reached with CPR  – Commitment, Passion, and Risk.

Commitment asks: – to what am I committed that requires the best I can bring?  What differentiates me from those who ‘punch in and punch out’?  To what am I devoting time and effort in order to make my dreams become real?

Left unanswered, we will spend our time helping others fulfill their dreams while neglecting ours.  We contemplate while they celebrate.

Commitment however is only a starting place because life is maximized with Passion.

The question is, do we want to live lives that make an impression or leave an impact?

Impression reacts like a kite driven by what others think and others say.

Impact doesn’t wait.  It acts without an audience.

Frequently our passions get abandoned due to voices of ‘can’t do’, ‘shouldn’t do’, ‘foolish to do’.  In response, we packed up our hopes and dreams and put them in storage.

Because of setbacks and fears, we let childhood WHY NOT’s get destroyed by adolescent cool and adult compromise.

The good news is that our Why Not’s can be reclaimed but that requires one more CPR essential – Risk.

No dream worth pursuing is safe.  To make a difference in life you need to move outside the path others are travelling.

Stepping out means risk.  That means getting bumped around.  That means failure.  And that means fear.

It’s been said that, “Fear is the dark room where negatives are developed”.  It is also the place great pictures are brought to life.  What is your darkroom producing?

What helped you reclaim your Why Not passions? 

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