Transformational Leadership



Transformational leaders find some meaning in situations even those involving suffering or loss.

Transformational leaders choose to see what others don’t, won’t or can’t.

Transformational leaders engage relationships that encourage and strengthen one another.

Transformational leaders understand that what they choose to do today greatly determines the person they will be tomorrow.

Transformational leaders foster environments where creativity and discovery are encouraged and celebrated, independent of results.


Transformational leaders take advantage of every opportunity that aligns with their life purpose, their life goals, and their life passion.

Transformational leaders take responsibility for their lives rather than expecting others to design life for them.

Transformational leaders let the future, enriched with lessons learned from their past, guide their present.

Transformational leaders choose to define and live by their core values, undistracted by lesser priorities.

Transformational leaders choose to maximize and operationalize the gifts they have been given rather than unduly dwelling on strengths they lack.

Transformational leaders understand that they don’t have to be perfect.  They accept imperfections that cannot be changed and learn to enjoy life, while giving to others.


Transformational leaders embrace the understanding that though they may have been victimized, they choose to not live their life from a victim identity.

Transformational leaders may experience some defeats but will not allow themselves to be defeated.  They will keep on trying and not give up.

Transformational leaders embrace an attitude that is committed to growth and open to change.

Transformational leaders are determined to not allow past setbacks and failures define them.

Transformational leaders understand that while they can’t control all the events of their life, they can control their response to those events.


Transformational leaders accept that no significant growth occurs without a willingness to risk failure in the pursuit of success.

Transformational leaders face the challenges of life and handle the stresses of life without denying their existence or allowing them to defeat them.

Transformational leaders determine to keep pushing ahead undefeated by setbacks.

Transformational leaders find places of hope when those around have resigned themselves to defeat.


Transformational leaders understand the courage it takes to be known for who you are rather than merely for what you have accomplished.

Transformational leaders leave footprints marking the path for others to follow.

Transformational leaders choose the path of courage to be and do what is right and best rather than choosing the easy and expedient.

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by Rob Inrig

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