So You Want To Be A Leader Of Significance?

So You Want To Be A Leader Of Significance?Move Out of Your Comfort Zone – It Won’t Just Happen

Leadership involves risk. The willingness to vision, inspire, and activate isn’t something people are always ready to embrace but leadership without these characteristics could better be characterized as management not leadership. Managers tend to supervise current practice. Leaders orient to future possibilities.

Leadership comes with a price. Protest and rejection are familiar reactions to proposed change. A common reaction to threatening opposition is for leaders to rehearse failure. Paul Thigpen CEO of Levi Strauss had the right idea. He kept a success book where he recorded victories. When he entered into a particularly demanding situation, he reviewed his success book, reorienting himself to what he could and should expect. So when leading people into difficult places, go in with a ‘can do’ attitude, an attitude of success.

Commit to Finding Assets and Strengths

Train your mind to search for the positive things about others and you will be surprised at how many good things you will find. Relationships that are ‘need based’ – ‘What can you do for me?’ – often result in people feeling used. Appreciation for and utilization of a person’s strengths, especially those which differ from yours, will truly result in a genuine ‘win/win’.

Find Ways to ‘Give’ Worth

Everyone likes to feel noticed and appreciated. Assign highest value to your relationships bearing in mind that unexpressed / unacknowledged value quickly spoils. Unfortunately the repercussions from this devaluing spread. Of course people need to demonstrate the necessary competency to fulfill their tasks but generally it is an individual’s social / relational competency that bring success.

• by being a good listener – encourage people to talk. Ask, then listen. Be aware, listening is as much about body language as ‘hearing’. Hold off sharing your wisdom or setting the other person straight.

Remember – Relationships are Mutual

If you think relationships are about ‘what’s in it for you’, a fall is ahead. Relationships built on ‘what can I get out of this’, have a short shelf life. As a leader one of your priorities should be to discover and foster capacities in those who are people leaders (don’t confuse this with positional leaders) in your organization.

Pay Attention to the Verbals Characterizing your Workplace – What You Give is What You’ll Get

  • Language that invites – emphasizes commonalities not differences.
  • Language that triggers – when you tear others down, before long you will be on the receiving end

Pay Attention to What You Wear

When Your Accomplishments are Concerned – Wear Your Labels on the Inside

If You Want to be Known for Quality Leadership, You Need To Be a Person of Quality

  • By being honest – someone who can be trusted
  • By doing what you promise – someone who can be depended upon.
  • By not playing games – not being a friend only when it’s convenient.

Violate these qualities of relationship and it won’t be long before you’re ‘red carded’, out of the game.

SWSWSW – Some Will; Some Won’t; So What.

by Rob Inrig

Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved.

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